Who We Are
Who We Are

The Collaborative was built on the commitment to do more together than any of us can do alone.

Between our universities and national laboratories, we employ 15,943 scientists and engineers. In 2020, we conducted $6,601 million of research, $484 million of which was conducted in our universities. We enroll 64,453 students, 79% of whom are minorities. Last year alone, our minority serving universities produced 264 Hispanic doctoral graduates.

We develop and engage an exceptional pool of talent highly motivated to address some of the world’s most difficult problems.

Hispanic serving universities
and one tribal college
Department of
Energy National Labs
Number of students enrolled, 50,681 of whom are minorities and 52% of whom are eligible for Pell grants
$6,601 million
Amount of annual research expenditures
NRGCC Members

Collaborative Representatives

Dr. Thenral Mangadu
Associate Vice President-Interdisciplinary Research
The University of Texas at El Paso

Dr. Patricia Sullivan
Director, Office of Strategic Initiatives
New Mexico State University

Patricia Marquez-Knighten
Director of Innovation, Office of Intellectual Property
New Mexico State University Arrowhead Center

Dr. Nelia Dunbar
Vice President Research (Acting)
New Mexico Tech

Dr. David Hanson
Assistant Vice President for Research
University of New Mexico

Mathis Shinnick
Director of Corporate Engagement
UNM Rainforest Innovations

Mary Monson
Senior Manager for Technology Partnerships and Business Development
Sandia National Laboratories

Nancy "Nan" Sauer
Senior Director Partnerships and Pipeline
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Dr. Wafa Hozie
Dean of Graduate Studies
Navajo Technical University

Jim Chavez
Director (Acting)
Northern Rio Grande Corridor Collaborative